sorting through plugins

What is a plugin?

How I assess plugins

  • compatible with current version of WordPress
  • last updated?
  • thoroughness of documentation
  • install on boilerplate version, which runs clean with debogger, log deprecated, etc. Does plugin run clean? If not, don’t use.
  • number of downloads
  • average rating (if a large number of ratings)

Plugins I use

(talk about the difference between core plugins and nifty plugins)

Core plugins

These plugins are ones that I consider core to this installation. They validate under HTML5, CSS3, Log Deprecated Notices and Theme Check. Akismet actually comes bundled with WordPress. As time permits I will expand slightly on the choice of each plugin.



Bootstrapping plugins

These plugins are plugins that I am grateful to have while I am getting the site up and running, but do not expect to keep using over the long run. They may fail one or another validation test or may simply be a wonderful bridge to functionality that is important to offer from the start but will get incorporated directly once I have the chance.

Plugins I tried but decided not to use

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