it’s so cute, it’s almost like a real blog…

sceenshot of test site

configuring Clear Line, a modern WP theme

integrating design has a test site!

I started the bootstrapping process without one, following my current practice of developing in the wild (note to self, must write post on that topic). I was pretty sure that I would end up with one, although I confess that I did not expect to set one up so soon.

I have started on a page on test sites: why you want one, setting one up, best practices for using one, links to resources, that sort of thing. As a first step I went back to resources for integrating design and followed my roadmap (gasp!) I’ve done a first pass on development and testing resources in addition to organizing and expanding the rest of the materials and revising the roadmap.

What an odd and interesting week it’s been….

thanks for listening,


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